We’re Back

The Marymount Farmers Market returned May 27. The Market is held Saturdays, 9 am – 1 pm, mid-May through November.



This Saturday, October 15, from 9 am – 1 pm. The King is in the market. Thanks to Randoll Rivers

Mechelle’s Pies

We specialize in baking delicious, handcrafted pies with your sweetest indulgences in mind. Our line of homemade goodness includes sweet potato, apple, pecan, and blackberry pies to melt over. Enjoy our large 9″ pies with your family and friends, or treat yourself to our personal 5.5″ pies made just for you, or even grab and go minis!

Cold Country Salmon

Cold Country Salmon
Zion Crossroads, VA
Cold Country Salmon is a small scale set net operation fishing the crystal clear blue waters of Bristol Bay Alaska. Local owner/fisherman Zac Culbertson lives just outside of Charlottesville where, when not fishing, he runs a small acreage family farm. Every June hes head to Bristol Bay to fish on the Ugashik river. Our season lasts from mid June til the end of July with the peak occurring in Mid July. While we fish we are constantly selecting the very best of our catch to bring home to sell to our customers throughout Virginia and D.C. The fish that we select are immediately bled on board our skiff, filleted and packed in ice. On shore we immediately package and freeze our salmon. This very special handling process is what sets our fish apart from any other wild caught salmon available on the market. Literally nobody in the industry has such exacting standards. This is why we designate our fish as “Beyond Sushi Grade”.

Sandy Bottom Acres

Sandy Bottom Acres